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Mastering Brain-Based Adjusting
(without having to become a diplomate in neurology)


Holistic Brain-Based Chiropractic Care

Functional neurology today is mainly taught in a rehabilitative model of canalized pathways and circuitry. However, the brain is way bigger than this. That's why in our model, in addition to functional neurology, we've integrated "tonal" chiropractic approaches, the non-canalized (glial) brain, core craniosacral concepts, the role of emotions and perceptions as well as subtle energies dimensions. With our organized clinical model, you'll truly work holistically.

Integrating Functional Neurology & Nutrition

Our brain doesn't live in an ivory tower in our skull. It is intimately linked and influenced in a bidirectional manner to our internal and external environment. Our model teach you the proper clinical decision making process that allows you to integrate our "3N Clinical Framework: Neurology, Nutrition and Nurture. This way you'll ensure maximal clinical results and superb patient satisfaction and the resulting referrals that go with them.

Efficient Integration In Your Clinical Flow

The vast majority of functional neurology courses is taught by institutions who run fully equipped and fully-staffed secondary or tertiary brain centres, brain centres franchises or by doctors who see a few patients per week for high fees. This makes it challenging for chiropractors to integrate in their own clinical flow. Our model is "neurology for the rest of us" for "in the trenches doctors". You'll be able to implement Monday morning.

Download the White Paper

If you'd rather learn more about what the Brain First Chiropractor Experience can do from by reading our White Paper, click the link below:

There is a revolution in chiropractic

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've seen there is a general trend in chiropractic to move toward a neurological approach, a return to our original roots. Unfortunately, neurology can be quite complex and it's integration in daily practice can be quite a challenge. I know, because I've worked in that field since 2003 and I've seen the best and the worst. That's where Brain First Chiropractor - Live Experience comes in...

Dear Colleague,

The Brain First Chiropractor – Live Experience is NOT your typical chiropractic weekend seminar. You’re about to embark in a pivotal, transformational, memorable and fun experience that will integrate your knowledge,  your clinical, manual and interpersonal skills, and your practice systems – as well as your healing presence – to a whole new level.

You’re about to take a deep dive in an experience that combines theoretical learning, hands-on workshops, live patient evaluation and management demo, success principle immersion and personal and professional development embodiment exercises.

Enter my unique teaching process and spend two live days with me, and you’ll embody what being a Brain First Chiropractor is all about.

There are many things that you’ll learn in this experience, the most precious one being your ability to go beyond usual models of brain-­‐based care into the deeper core rhythmic brain pulsation that underlie the flow of information within the nervous system and the body. For the first time, you’ll have the tools to work at the level of the Mental Impulse and learn a very unique sequence of spinal and cranial adjusting that goes at the core of brain function.

And I’m also sure you’re going to love how to integrate everything I teach in your current clinical flow and all the clinical and educational resources I’ll give you access to. Short of a brain and practice transplant, there is nothing better than this.

Here is what you’ll learn and embody in this unique experience:

A Unique Blend Of Optimal
Adult Learning and Integrating

The Brain First Chiropractor is a unique blend of theoretical, hands-on and experiential learning that integrates live teaching and ongoing digital support. Unlike many seminars where you only get the knowledge, I’ll give you access to all the resources that I personally use in my practice, like clinical forms and educational material for your patients.

Preparing For An Amazing Experience

My goal with the Brain First Chiropractor Live Experience is to help you integrate the brain first model of chiropractic quickly and efficiently. I really want to truly meet your needs and deliver beyond your expectations. That’s why my process starts even before the live experience. I’ll ask you to fill a survey to know you better and customize my delivery. Then, we’ll also prime your brain and start the conversation.

Three weeks before the live experience, I’ll give you unique interviews I did with “masters of the brain” such as Drs Ted Carrick, Robert Melillo and Robin Pauc. And you’ll get the transcriptions in beautiful ebooks that you can use to educate your patients. We’ll also dust off your knowledge of cranial anatomy and demystify the neurology of hemisphericity, a clinical concept that will be central to contributing to our patients.

The Inner Game of Being
A Brain First Chiropractor

Who you are is vastly more important than anything you do or have. Everything I’ll teach you won’t do you any good if you don’t have a strong foundation as a human being who’s values are to serve and contribute to your community. You wouldn’t want to build your house on quicksand, so there’s no point in having new tools if you don’t know how to apply them with the proper way of being.

That’s why we’ll start the seminar by helping you embody the models of reality and habits and rituals that will ensure you deliver your new competencies with the level of success you deserve. I’ll also help you frame your physiology for high performance learning and help you maintain that state throughout our time together so that you can maximize your experience.

The New Brain First Model

When visiting new territories, there is nothing better than having a precise map and compass. We’ll share the 7-step framework that will allow you to navigate the brain first model with ease and deliver your care with certainty.

Whether we are talking about children with developmental issues (such as ADHD, ADD, learning disabilities, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysphasia and many other) or patients suffering from brain-­‐induced health challenges such as migraines, fibromyalgia and chronic pain, depression and anxiety, chronic fatigue, gut issues, vertigo/dizziness and traumatic brain injuries, or cracking the code of chronic or recurring vertebral subluxation patterns, our framework will help you integrate this new model quickly and communicate it powerfully to your community.

The Journey From Spine To Brain

Becoming a Brain First Chiropractor is a full circle journey back to our original chiropractic roots. We’ll show you the foundational milestones on the journey, including:

• The shift from peripheral spinal to core neurological (and understanding the inner workings of the four spinal subsystems: passive, active, control and emotional)

• The move from core neurological to higher cerebral (and understanding vertebral subluxation as a cerebral diaschetic foci and de-­‐synchronizer of thalamo-­‐cortical oscillations)

• The central role of the cerebellum in higher brain functions

• The model of cortical hemisphericity and its underling neurology

• The dive from higher cerebral to Core Link (and understanding of deep psychobiological energetics and Mental Impulse)

• The 5 “Metasystem” of a brain-­first focus – the 5 dimensions you need to consider clinically to render incredible service, including the superficial, middle and deep neural system and how to address them.

I’ll show you how neuroscience has never been closer to supporting traditional chiropractic concepts – such as the Mental Impulse – and how new understanding of stress and pain substantiate our original philosophy. .

Proper Clinical Decision Making
And Delivering On Your Promises

Too many chiropractors have delved into brain and neurology without the proper thinking tools. They aggregate neurological facts and jump to treatments, hoping for the best. For many, this is a recipe for failing to get optimal clinical results and suffer from “imposter syndrome”.

I’ll teach you the proper clinical decision making process to become a superb clinician who knows what to look for, what to do, when to stop or even when not to start because the brain is too fragile to receive the power of your applications.

I’ll show you when to use functional neurology and when to use functional medicine and when and how to integrate both. I’ll also show you how your exam is your best ally to decide which applications will be best for your patients.

I will also share how to use objective spinal, neurological and brain assessment technologies so that you can make sure (and show your patients) you are delivering great clinical results.

And I’ll teach you a little-known chiropractic clinical adjustive application that will ensure you deliver on your promise.

Evaluating And Managing Patients In A Brain-Based Model

I’ll teach you and get you to hands-on workshop how to quickly, easily and seamlessly integrate brain-based wellness protocols to improve your current results and develop clinical certainty. I’ll demonstrate how to perform a history and exam that is so compelling that there is no need “to sell” your chiropractic care in your report‐of- finding.

We’ll practice evaluating the following:

• Chiropractic exam

• Neurological / Brain Exam

• Metabolic / Nutritional Exam (including labs)

• Emotional Exam

And I’ll give you my unique clinical protocols for in-office and at-home management, as well as our turnkey business systems and educational strategies.

You’ll know exactly what you will need to be looking for in your patients and exactly what you need to do about it and how to convey that with certainty and confidence to your patients.

You’ll get:

• Brain and Metabolic Questionnaires

• Clinical Exam Form

• Clinical Mastery Manual

• Well Brain Program

The Well Brain Program is a complete resource to give your patients, based on my “3N” tracks: Nurture, Nutrition and Neurology, and include:

• Exercise, sleep hygiene, general diet and living clean

• Well-Brain diet, 15-day “No Sugar Diet”, Fasting protocols, and supplements for metabolic support

• Protocols and exercises for brain-balancing to do in-office and at-home .

The Live Patient Experience

Most seminars teach you a few skills or some knowledge and leave you on your own to figure out how to integrate them in your own practice. Not with me. We’ll have a real, live patient and you’ll be able to witness and actively participate as I take him or her through our clinical flow, from history, to clinical exam, to management plan development and communication.

Brain First Adjusting

I’ll teach you a very specific and precise sequence of spinal and cranial adjusting that goes at the very center of the brain Core Link energetics and reorganizes brain function. This adjustive system was developed over a 30 years span and fine-tuned on several tens of thousands of patients by a Swiss Chiropractor who invested more than 800’000 USD of his own money in research and development in collaboration with Universities.

In a clinical study published in JMPT, this sequence was shown to positively affect close to 20 different brain functions. The developer unfortunately passed away but entrusted me with the sharing of his life’s work.

Download the JMPT study

On top of this unique adjusting sequence, I’ll also show you and we’ll hands-on workshop:

• Brain-balancing exercises to address various brain functions and levels

• Metabolic and nutritional balancing

• How to integrate the two for maximal results

• Emotional balancing

Serving Your Community
To A Higher Level

I’ll also share with you how to integrate your newly embodied and clinical skills seamlessly in your current clinical practice starting on Monday morning.

I’ll also show you how you can “package” everything you’ve learned into clinical programs that deliver consistent results, uniquely position you in your community and are financially viable.

I’ll also show you how I educate and communicate with my patients and community. Don’t worry, I’m from Switzerland. We’re conservative and law prohibits marketing for health care professional. So, there won’t be any scary marketing schemes that make you feel like an old car salesman. Only high value content and communication that truly benefit your community. .

And Much More...

Truly, I believe I have created a memorable experience for you unlike anything else. I’ll ensure that you’re in a high performance learning and embodiment state all throughout the seminar.

During the 2-day immersion, you’ll get to engage in my vision creation process, Saturday morning Hour of Power, hourly Energetic Re-Engagement Strategies, action plan development for Monday morning application and several other surprises that will make you glad you came.

And The Experience Continues

Our experience doesn’t stop after the live experience. There are so many times I went to a seminar, got a brain dump of information overload that was difficult to implement and lead me with tons of unanswered questions. I hated that.

That’s why, as part of your experience, you’ll be able to join me for 4 follow-up teleconferences.

This way, you’ll be able to clarify any questions you might have, get me to help you overcome any challenges you might have implementing or answer clinical questions. You’ll also be able to share your success and get a touch of accountability. In case you can’t make it, calls will be recorded and you’ll be able to send me your questions.

Going One Step Further With Lifetime Digital Access

To maximize your experience, as soon as you join, you’ll get access to a private online platform that you will be able to access from the comfort of your home, at any time, for the rest of your life.

In this area, you will be able to access:

All pre-seminar material

• Guides, manuals and clinical forms and questionnaires

• Slides of my presentations

• Recording of follow-up teleconferences

• Post-seminar video trainings

• Scientific papers

• Further audio and video resources .

And Several High Quality Bonuses

Here are just 3 of the 9 bonuses you will get as part of your training

Arousing Innate

4 hours of digital training on the neurological effects of vertebral subluxations and chiropractic adjustments

The Unritalin Solution

My 112-page ebook on the natural management of ADHD for the public

The Brain Club

"Clinical Pearls For The Brain Conscious Practitioner". Monthly training video over 12 months to keep you engaged.

So, interested?



Stockholm, Sweden

January 26th and 27th 2018



Welledge, Practice of Dr Martin Fransson

Kornhamnstorg 6, Gamla Stan

111 27 Stockholm



Friday January 26 - 1pm to 6:30 pm

Saturday January 27 - 8 am to 7pm


695 USD

Still hesitating? Let's connect.

There were many times in my life when I did not attend a seminar because I still had questions and wasn't sure the time, energy and money I'd need to invest was worth it. If you're in that situation, that's normal. Let's connect so that I can answer your questions and help you decide whether this course is a good fit for your at this point in your life and practice.

Send me an email to 
and let’s connect by phone or skype

Your Instructor

Dr. Yannick Pauli

Dr. Yannick Pauli is a chiropractor passionate about the brain, who has advanced education and training in functional neurology, nutrition, functional medicine and chiropractic pediatrics. He is the Director of the Centre Wellness NeuroFit in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he runs Brain Potential, a holistic brain-based balancing program that integrates various approaches to help children suffering from ADHD, dyslexia and other learning disorders, as well as other developmental issues such as autism. He has personally taken care of more than 1000 children. Dr. Pauli has served as an expert on chiropractic, as well as alternative and complementary medicine at the World Health Organization and has been the recipient of the “Chiropractor of the Year” 2004 by the World Chiropractic Alliance. He has published research on the effects of chiropractic on dyslexia and attention deficit. He is the creator and chief editor of, the go-to source for information about the natural management of ADHD. He has published more than 800 articles on the topic of ADHD and his work has been featured on American and Swiss television. He mentors other doctors through his program and 70 clinics use his approach in 8 different countries. Working only 3 days per week in his clinic, he spends the rest of his time creating innovative approaches to serve humanity and enjoying memorable moments with his wife Cecilia and two children Noah and Megan./p>

Participants testimonials for BFC

Thanks for Toronto - it was really a game changer for me.  You really helped me put a lot of stuff together and for that I am truly grateful.  I appreciate your hard work, lighting the way for the rest of us. I have had a few New Patients so far this week and have used the neuro part of your exam for all of them.  I am going to review the other stuff today and hopefully get it into the evaluation for my NP this afternoon.



Hi Yannick - 

Thank you SO much for giving so much of yourself, your passion, your knowledge, your inspiration this weekend! You have truly changed my life.I am not the same person I was before Toronto....

 Integrating this and making it mine is the wonderful upcoming challenge ... I am new to all the muscle testing, so I'm doing as you suggested .... one new thing at a time. It's been an amazing day with patients so far!

Thank you again - the power of chiropractic this weekend released my potential - I've never heard things spoken the way you did, and I am deeply moved. I'd been very stuck and "numbed out" for a long time - the exercises brought tears to eyes and released me. I'm at the "point of no return, and ready to burn the boats" as Patrick Gentempo says. Thank you for being who you are!



I am seeing amazing changes with those patients that I've done the Brain Adjusting sequence with. I haven't quite figured out a way to measure or record or quantify the changes, but I'll get there! I am so grateful to you for coming to Toronto to teach this - it truly changed my life and my practice


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